2018 Talent Show

Ben & Amelia performed in the annual school Talent Show again this year. Ben was going to play guitar with his teacher, but she came down with the flu the day before the show. He still played on his own, but he’s also going to play at Assembly next week with his teacher (she accompanies him on guitar a bit but  mainly just sings) and asked that I wait to post a video of that performance instead of his solo act – even though he did great on his own!

Amelia on the other hand is more than happy to share her performance with anyone who wants to watch! She starts off slow but picks up the pace gradually. Once she was warmed up, I think she would have stayed “on stage” as long as they would have let her.

The Second of Many

Sunday marked our second trip of the season to Busch Gardens (they’ve only been open three weeks). The kids (and Alek) are in heaven, and I love watching them have a blast.  Thanks to the wonderful world of annual passes, I have a feeling we will be spending quite a few Sundays there. Works for me!

Final Dance Performance

One week since the last video, here’s a look at Amelia’s dance group’s final routine. Notice how she is beaming the entire time and even right after they finish. Born to perform! (Also, that’s a mom-made dress she’s wearing, love that she loves it!)