GSFD Program

Amelia, of course, basked in another opportunity to be on stage today at the school’s “Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day” Program. Ben tolerated both the tie and the performance, but he did a great job as well. And now, I am very thankful for a much-needed Thanksgiving Break!

And here’s Amelia’s Thanksgiving sentence, very sweet:


Her First Chorus Performance

Here are two songs from Amelia’s first performance with the Virginia Children’s Chorus on Saturday. This was an informal performance (hence the T-shirts), fortunately, so we’ll see how she does (i.e., wardrobe fidgeting in 2nd song) in her next formal show. In the second song, you’ll see Amelia mimic her teacher’s “eyes on me” cue at the very beginning of the song, but apparently that didn’t hinder the T-shirt twisting.


Wicked Good Weekend

The kids and I had a great time running the Monster Mile Friday night (Alek was there to cheer us on, too). It was Ben’s third time running this race, but it was Amelia’s first time running any type of organized race. She ran the whole way (while holding my hand, at her insistence) and had a blast. Then Alek and I ran the Wicked 10K on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning – perfect race weather – and as usual, most runners were decked out in awesome costumes. I hope we made our kids proud as Maui and Moana!

One of a Kind

Amelia knew she wanted to be a witch for Halloween this year and had a very specific image in her head of what her costume should look like. We searched on-line but to no avail, so she was destined for a custom-made (by mom) costume this year. She explained the design and colors she wanted, we went fabric shopping, and then I spent a few evenings sewing. The result was a one-of-a-kind witch costume for our one-of-a-kind little girl. She is thrilled and can’t wait for Halloween to arrive!

The Black Dog, The Best Dog

We said goodbye to our first family dog this morning. He’s been an integral part of our lives for the past 13 years, adding so much fun and love, but it became clear over the past several weeks that the kindest thing we could do for him now was to say goodbye.

In going through old photos, I’ve come across hundreds that I could share, but here are a few from a camping trip we took almost exactly six years ago (Baby Amelia had stayed home with grandparents).

Cooper was the best, just, the best. Our hearts have broken a little in saying goodbye, but nothing compared with how much he’s filled them. Thank you for loving us so well, Coop. We will always love you.