Fence Cleaning

I spent a few hours of my Sunday doing what felt like spring cleaning in our back yard, except in September. Part of this clean-up involved washing our fence, a first for me. It was tedious, but not difficult. I may be the only one who notices the difference, but that’s fine with me. Here are a few Before and After pics…because yes, I documented this.

Strum on!

Ben had his first guitar lesson today with one of his classroom teachers who plays and happens to do private lessons. So far he loves it and has planned out when he’s going to practice each day. Fingers crossed that the fascination continues!

“I’m doing it!”

This was on the To Do list for summer this year – teaching Amelia to ride a bike – and it looks like we got it in just under the wire, the first steps at least. We tried once earlier this spring, but the bike she was using was a little too big. A smaller model made it so much easier today. The first ten minutes or so were a little rocky, but after that, she picked it up pretty quickly, though she did want a constant “escort” from me. She was thrilled with herself and rode up and down our street for about half an hour, and I, well I got in a pretty good workout, too.

Revisiting An Old Favorite

After months of begging from Amelia, I finally took the kids to the Children’s Museum last weekend. Ben and Amelia loved playing in and exploring the different exhibits, and I heard many a, “Oh, I remember this!” from them both (the last time we visited was probably two years ago, but we used to go pretty often).


I took the kids to a giant indoor playground called Funville today, and both of them were in heaven. We stayed for about two hours, and Amelia was pretty spent by the end. Ben, on the other hand, probably could have gone for at least another hour. He spent his time split between the “kids’ area” (where Amelia was the whole time) and the “ninja course,” (blue & white area on the pics below) for which he just barely made the height requirement. Amelia was also especially into, like really into, the bumper cars. Not sure what that’s indicative of… Regardless, my only question is, why didn’t these exist when I was a kid?! Here are a lot of pics from their afternoon.